Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This is One LOVED Baby!

Recognize mama-to-be in these images? It's Ashley! I had done a test shoot with her during the summer time for an assignment and also to get some practice at maternity shots! Ashley asked if I would shoot her baby shower and I gladly agreed too! This was my first time shooting an indoor event in a low light (to photographers) situation. I think its time to invest in a external flash for my camera. 

The baby shower was SO much fun! Tons of games and friendly competition, loads of funny presents and tons of love from friends and family. At one point during the present opening "ceremony" I turned to our childhood friend and told her that I just couldn't believe that we were all at this point in our lives. We are witnessing our first baby shower for a dear friend. I just cant wait to meet Rory and I think I am even more excited to watch Ashley be a great mom (anyone else with me on this one!?)!

So congratulations Chuck and Ashley...I seriously couldn't help but watch you two glow and not tear up a little!

Cookie dough cupcakes and fresh strawberry cupcakes! YUMM!! That strawberry frosting was so fresh and light!

If you want a successful baby shower...bring Krispy Kreme to the party!

Check out the "Rory Cake"!! All these little diapers were rolled up to create that awesome masterpiece! One of the games was to guess how many diapers were on the cake and how many Q-Tips were in the baby bottle! 
The flowers were actually separated into four vases for various winners! How stinkin' cute is that!?

He was practicing...just kiddin'! This was the most clever game of the night! Melted chocolate candy bars in diapers. You had to guess which candy bar it was...yumm!

Everyone cut a piece of string from a yarn ball to guess how round Ashley was...I threw mine away... 

So much fun!! Ashley was such a good sport about all of us who "over guessed"...

Tryin' to find the winner...

I think this was by far the best gift! It was a daddy kit! It had tongs, goggles and other various safety gear for daddy-to-be Chuck!

Dad, Ashley, Step-Mom and Brother

Ashley and her super cute Grandma!

Blazer game was on...

Rory, you are being born to some pretty awesome parents. Trust me, you will be the cool kid in class... guaranteed!

I absolutely LOVE how much Ashley's dad and brother willing chose to be in these shots. Inside, I was tearing up...there is just SO much love in this family! I can't wait to see Rory engulfed in all the love!