Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ashley & Chuck | Maternity and Love

Continuing the journey of Ashley and Chuck's pregnancy adventure, I was honored to be asked to take their maternity pictures! It was my first time doing maternity photos and it was awesome! I get very nervous about trying new types of photography (you know, the "what if the pictures don't come out good" type of nervousness...yea, that!) but maternity pictures are definitely going on my list of faves! And it is a great feeling when the people you are shooting love the resulting shots! It melted my heart to get a text from Ashley saying she loved them!!

I love photographing couples who can show their love comfortably. You know, the kind where its as if you weren't even in the room, as if the two of them were the only ones that existed? Yes, that kind of love. And these two definitely had that for each other. It was beautiful to watch the both of them glow as they kissed and hugged. You can definitely tell that Rory will be the joy of their life!

Ashley and Chuck were 8 months pregnant when we did their family pictures. It was the first time that I had really gotten to know Chuck (I have known Ashley since high school) and found that he was a great model!! I can't wait for baby Rory to arrive so we can do some super cute shots with dad! We already talked about some of the cute little poses for the "daddy and daughter" pictures! And Ashley is naturally beautiful so I am anxious to photograph both precious baby and gorgeous mommy!!

One last photo shoot until baby Rory greets the world...

Ashley and Chuck are huge Volcom lovers...check out this super adorable onesie that mom made baby!

You know what pictures are next...she was due today!! 

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