Friday, November 26, 2010

Jon and Lisa | Engaged!

This sweet couple have a big spot in my heart and I was more than happy to offer up some engagement shots for them! Its the least I could do for offering so many years of love and kindness to myself and others! I have known these two for quite some time now and it only makes sense that they fell in love and are now engaged!

When I was in fourth grade (years and years and years ago...maybe ever decades...anywho) my neighbors took me to their church. The very first person they introduced me to was Jon. My neighbor introduced us by saying "Jon, this is Nicole, DON'T SCARE HER"! Through out the years, I continued to go to that same church and work in the same children's ministries that Jon did. In high school, I was transferred to Jon's high school and he made sure that I was well taken care of during my year there. Now, Jon is a grown man with the biggest heart of gold (much like when I first met him). He would give you everything he had if he knew it would make you happy. He has so much love in his heart that anyone would be blessed just to meet him.

I met Lisa a few years back while working in the same children's ministry as Jon. Lisa was a Kidz Town helper and was friends with a past boyfriend of mines sister. So we always hung out with Lisa or vice versa. She is super sweet and equally as caring as Jon. Lisa has such a gentle soul and is so caring! I enjoyed seeing her sweet little smile while working on Sundays.

Arranging this shoot was a bit of an obstacle as I had many roadblocks that continued to push their shoot out to a further date. Luckily for me, Jon and Lisa were more than patient with me. The day of our shoot, there was a little bit of talk about snow. When we met up at Washington Park, it was starting to sprinkle. By the time we really got into it, it started to rain. By the time I was ready to go inside, it began to snow! And we just happened to be right where Jon proposed to Lisa. It made for a perfect composition!

Thank you Jon and Lisa for being such great sports about the weather, timing and my being new to engagement photography! Congratulations you two! I cant wait to see you married and watch you live your lives together forever!

There is still more to come...stay posted!


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