Monday, June 20, 2011

{ One Gorgeous Mama To Be }

I think the hardest part for me when it comes to my photography is being asked to photograph people I haven't met. I just get so nervous! Naturally I think of all the "what if's". What if they don't like the location? What if their little baby doesnt sleep? What if they don't like my style...what if, what if, WHAT IF!? So for me to get past that, I sometimes offer up free sessions in return for modeling. Not only do I get to work on interacting with people I haven't met before but I also get to work on poses and some other photography related. Oh, and my "what if's" :)

Chivara was one of my lovely mommy-to-be's who volunteered to model for me. I am pretty sure we were separated at birth because I had so much fun with her. Seriously, the best time on a photo shoot ever! We were getting sassy with each other and it was hilarious! She is about to have a little girl any day now. I am pretty excited that I was able to capture this precious time in her life...and I am pretty excited to have made a new friend!!

Thank you so much Chivara for modeling for me! You are on gorgeous momma! I cannot wait to meet your newest addition!!


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