Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby Portland Arrives!

I am always looking for a newborn to photograph so I can get more practice! I know that it can be a little bit nerve racking when a photography student asks to photograph your brand new baby. But the best part about allowing me to photograph your baby, is that I will love your baby just as much as you do and care for him/her just the same. 
Recently, my luck on finding a newborn to photograph has been improving because I actually have a couple of newborn shoots lined up! Thanks to a good friend of mine, I was introduced to Portland's mama and was able to photograph her life at two weeks old!

World, meet the beautiful, gorgeous, lovely Portland!

Check out this hair!! LONG, blonde hair!! SO CUTE!!

I had never done a shot like this but her mama wanted one and I wasn't going to tell her no! 
I LOVE this photo!

Daddy and his baby sweet!

Mom- Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your precious little girl! I cannot wait to see her again! She truly is a gorgeous baby!

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