Sunday, August 15, 2010

Robert and Cherice Melchior Married!

Adam and I were completely honored when we were invited to attend Robert and Cherice's wedding. They are the cutest couple ever and their love could be felt amongst the people and energy! Though I was not the photographer, I wanted to take some shots to remember how beautiful Cherice was and how lovely the scenery was!

I believe the all the bridesmaids put their bouquets in the vases amongst the tables... aren't these colors to die for!!

These were the tags that we grabbed to find which table we were sitting at. We were lucky enough to sit right in front of the bride and grooms table!

The "wedding cake"...YUMMY and DELICIOUS cupcakes! Adam was eyeballing them all night long!! I wouldn't be surprised if he stole a few more when we weren't looking!

...oh sweet, sugary goodness...

The logo's in the picture frame were also on the invitations. These two are so creative! I may just have to steal them when it's wedding time for me...*hint* *hint*...

If that menu doesn't look good to you, go find your appetite and come back! The fish was so moist, the chicken had tons of flavor and I am pretty sure that most of us were guilty of grabbing a couple more pieces of that soft and chewy bread!

Perfect day for a wedding in the Gorge! Hood River is known to be pretty windy. But we were all lucky in that the weather was warm and the evening was great! This is the scene looking was the view for most of the night!

Robert's sister Amy and his step mom (Adam's mom) Sheryl. Are they totally cute or what!! Amy has the most amazing, gorgeous blue eyes and Sheryl has such a loving glow! Love these ladies!

Adam, Jeff (Robert's brother and groomsman) and Adie (Jeff's wife). Whenever Adam and Jeff get together, they act like two peas in a pod! And Adie is so beautiful! She is as sweet in person as she looks on film!

Dick (Robert's dad) and Sheryl. I really do love these two. I don't ever say it enough...or in person...but they are family to me. They have been nothing but loving and caring towards me. They make me feel like I am part of the family! Love you guys!

Introducing, Cherice Melchior! She was walking around giving EVERYONE hugs so I was snapping from far away. I am so happy I got one that shows how she was the entire night. Glowing, dazzling, gorgeous. The ideal bride! Congratulations Cherice and I cannot wait to see you soon!

I wish I had gotten some of Robert! I didn't see him as much because he was greeting everyone and sharing the love as well. *Sorry Rob*....But picture this...Groom, with an AWESOME mohawk, brown leather converse, and a bright lime green tie...totally cool!!

I hope you all had as much fun as I did looking at these pictures and meeting a good half of the people I call "family". If any of you ever get the chance to meet any of these people, be prepared to have your life changed in such a positive and uplifting manner. "Take in the moment"

In upcoming news, Adam and I are getting prepared to start looking to move. That means we need to capture the beautiful things that remind us of our home now. I hope to do a short series on everything that reminds us of where we are currently living...

Also, I have a couple of newborn shoots coming up! If you or anyone you know is expecting or has a newborn that is less than two weeks old, please email me for a FREE session! 

Thanks for reading everyone!

- Nicole

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