Sunday, August 8, 2010

Explore Your World

The last couple of weeks have been stricken with life changing, emotional events. Adam and I were needing a break from our lives and decided to pay a much deserved visit to his uncle Jim's up on Whidbey Island. After six hours of driving, we finally made it!
This is the first time that Adam and I have explored more of the island. On Saturday, we took a drive to Coupeville and discovered the most amazing farmers market!

The colors were so amazing...more amazing in real life.

Now that's what a strawberry should look like! Yummm!

Gorgeous carrots in their natural form...

I could stare at this all day!
We also did a little bit of shopping. Adam bought his Aunt Brenda nice bottle of wine while I bought a super delicious candle and some fabric for an upcoming newborn shoot! After some ice cream, we walked down to the bay and got some more shots....

A boat in the distance, enjoying the gloomy day!

Cool, old pier building
Great colors...

Stores and information center...

I took a picture of these cause I think I "need" to grow these...
After exploring the island on Saturday, we came home and Uncle Jim created a FABULOUS meal! Home made shredded chicken soaked in tomatoes and green chillies. Fresh farmers market tomatoes, onions and lettuce. And small corn tortillas crisped to perfection made the perfect taco shell! I wish I had pictures to go along with this description! It was just so good!

Sunday finally showed its face and it was time to leave. We met up with a couple of Adam's friends in Seattle and had lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Chicken and Biscuits is what ultimately had me quit being a vegetarian! The chicken is so good and the biscuits are sweet but flavorful in more ways than one!

The four of us then hiked down to Pike Place Market. The Blue Angels were making their presence known! It was so cool! The loud roar of their jets made you jump with excitement when they flew by! This was the first time that I had been to Pike Place Market and actually had some room to move around.

I have found that through my learning's, I have taught myself to be more confident about getting in there and getting the shot! I feel my confidence has been built to much in the past year. I use to be so nervous about shooting farmers markets and would fear that the farmers didn't want me to shoot their produce. But I finally just shot. And I loved it...can you tell?

One of my favorite shots!
A little bit of photojournalism here...

This makes me think "advertisement"

I am not a fan of peaches...but these ones made me a fan for life! I can't wait to buy some!

After the market, we hit the road and didn't run into any traffic which was awesome! Since we were making such great time, we decided to stop at the Volcom outlet store...uh oh...we all know what that means...Luckily I kept think about the newborn shoot I have coming up and thought about all the props I needed to get before the shoot. We only spent a little bit of money buying cheap Volcom clothes and a new bag!


We finally made it home to four happy cats, two cuddly ferrets and a big rabbit who hadn't moved an inch since we left! Next weekend is a big weekend for us...well, for me...Shaun White is in town and I plan on paying anyone I can to see him in "real life"!

Thanks for reading and being the reason that I love to shoot and share!!


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