Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heart Breaker Alert!

Oh today was SOOO much fun! I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Sabrina, a friend of ours little girl! How cute is she! No, seriously! She is ADORABLE! I couldn't stop telling her how awesome she looked in the pictures! And she was SUCH a natural! When I told her this, she said "It's because I watch America's Next Top Model!" Well, sheesh, that's all it takes!?

This was suppose to be a "fashion shoot" for a final project coming up...but...needless to say, I had other things in mind once Sabrina got in front of the lens...she was way to pretty to just focus on the clothing!

I am so glad that Sabrina and her mom April were willing to let me photograph Sabrina while exploring areas of Washington. I had so much fun with them! I miss them terribly through out the year (April's kids are seriously the cutest, most well behaved kids ever!) as we only seem to find one day out of 365 to get together. Hopefully that will change though...hopefully more pictures will be in order...hint hint :)

Hope you all have a wonderful labor day weekend! Stay safe!


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